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The website was posted a few months ago and got buried, but the real value of this product is in the apps (Android in the related links section). I use this app more than almost any other. I'm a guy who prefers talk radio/podcasts to music, so I end up listening to hours and hours of podcasts everyday and Stitcher solved my downloading/multiple-platform issues with grace. I think the UX here is fantastic, and you can even fast forward through their advertising campaigns (!!!).
Use it everyday! Many podcasts in my favorites list. I'm trying to convince a friend to use it as well, but he uses the native podcasts app from Apple. What are the USPs compared to that?
@thisisjorik I'm an Android user. One thing I *love* about Stitcher is the super easy timer feature. I listen to podcasts while I'm going to bed every night and after half an hour or an hour I want it to shut off automatically. That's a feature I love. It's also super easy to navigate and when I just have a few minutes to kill there are always new, quick news stories you can get up to speed on. For a long time, I would download each individual podcast. This was okay for me, but it meant constant maintenance since I would only listen once. I tried a slew of other apps and this one was basically what I always wanted ever other app to be. It's nice when you find something that's "what you've always wanted" :-)
@UXAndrew I have exactly the same listening habits. I use the timer every night :). Thanks for clarifying. Any great show tips?
@thisisjorik I wish I had some magic podcast...honestly most of the podcasts I listen to are ESPN and Grantland....I want to branch out, but I have yet to find stuff that's great quality and fits my interests really well. It seems like the podcasting game is a lot of poorly made and poorly produced stuff with varying degrees of content and a slim, silver-lining of absolute listening gold! I love the HearStartup and Serial podcasts. TAL is okay, but not what I'm really after. I have been a *huge* Loveline fan since 1995, but when Adam left in 2005 it went to shit and I don't love the Carolla podcasts so much. Ideally I think 20 min. is the length of the kind of podcasts I'm after, but you could talk me in to an hour if it was really great...just something positive, airy, chemistry between the hosts, simple theme, single-genre...what should I be listening to?
@UXAndrew I really love business and trend related podcasts. Besides the aforementioned podcasts: Freakonomics, PHR, TWIST, Product People, Review The Future (little lower on quality) and 99% Invisible. Almost all of them are longer than 20 min though. Often they run on my morning and evening bike commute; then around 40 min is the perfect length.