Stitch It! for Android

Capture long screenshots with your Android device

Super useful app for stitching multiple screenshots together seamlessly. Provides more control than Tailor. Great to see this on Android!
@chrismessina thanks for the kind words and help!
I see a million ways this could be useful but i'm still curious — what have you seen are the dominant use cases?
@asher_hunt We designed Stitch It! to help people capture funny text messages and share them online, but we’ve had a lot of feedback from users for other cases: 1. A surprising number of child custody battles have actually been won thanks to users’ ability to capture text and email conversations. 2. People seem to like having boarding passes, QR codes, and other information available as an image offline. 3. Facebook newsfeeds can sometimes be hilarious. Stitch It! is the best way to capture those moments of serendipity. 4. Some of our most active regions are countries with oppressive governments, as you can probably understand! Let us know how you like it!
Super useful. Before iPhone users get disappointed... Stitch it is also available on iOS :) 👉
@nivo0o0 thanks for mentioning this! We've been focusing on getting it ready and launched for Android, but updates are coming to the iOS version soon!
I've been waiting for this! Thanks!
@galeriks you're welcome!
@galeriks high praise coming from a growy-hacky-marketer! Thank a-youuuu!
Thanks for the Hunt! I'm one of the Stitch It! devs, and we're your go to utility for those funny conversations, website captures, and more. The app is designed to work with any images, not just screenshots, though, and beats other similar apps by always using the full resolution available when stitching. We also allow more precise redaction, with a full color palette (including alpha control). There is even more to come in the near future!