Stitch Fix

Stylists suggest items for you, only keep what you like

Find clothes you'll actually love! Stitch Fix is personal styling for men & women that sends clothing to your door (with free shipping & returns). Get started!

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1 Review1.0/5
I'm in love with the concept, but the items are probably out of my price range, and though I've received two boxes, I have yet to buy anything. They don't seem like good values. The quality seems high but I'm not sure I'll ever pay $78 for a shell!
Women only for now, but the people who use the service seem to really like it.
I'm a huge fan. I think I've had 5 "fixes" now. I consistently keep 3/5 items. I find it to be a great way to try new things that I wouldn't normally find / pick for myself at a store. I highly recommend this service!
I love Stitch Fix! I am in a really busy season of life right now, where I barely have time to shop (gasp!). Stitch Fix has been a life savor for helping my wardrobe stay current!
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