Powerfull digital contact management platform

Stinto is a powerful contact management platform that provides a fast and simple solution for exchanging contact info.

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Honestly, I don't get how you can claim that this is "the end of physical business cards" when there is no Android app :/ So, "the end of physical business cards as long as you and ALL the people you meet have an iPhone and have this app installed."
I don't believe there will ever be a digital offering to completely remove traditional business cards, simply due to the fact that there is some level of tactile satisfaction from receiving and exchanging physical objects. This appears to be a well-engineered approach, but having tried and abandoned a number of similar products over the years, nothing's come close to achieving the critical mass where third parties assumed one another already had the app. I guess my gut reaction is that it looks nice, but I can't help but think it's exaggerating real-world challenges to justify its existence. "The end of physical business cards" is comical, at best.
@chris_germano the tactile satisfaction is meet the digital here
@bram_foundme I'm intrigued, but cautious. I was an early adopter of Coin (the all-in-one credit/debit card) and while it felt cool, mass adoption struggled. Would like to learn more without sharing my email, so I'll wait for now.
One of the interesting things about this segment isn't just the ubiquity (e.g. every single large tech conference I've been to in the last five years has at least one of these companies). It's that there actually is a market... but it's not "the end of business cards". Personally I LOVE business cards. And the more digital apps try to solve this the better a business card as a brand impression will perform. Our bright yellow cards were an early stage hack that got Corilla noticed. I've plenty of stories about that. But more interestingly... the story of Hackstack. A digital contact management product from Australia. They've dodged the ridiculous "end to business cards" myth and gone for a "centralised digital identity" vibe. Or as I think of it, as an extended LDAP of sorts. Check them out for an example of a successful move on this market:
Are you planning on adding more integrations like Facebook Pages messages, Twitter, Linkedin, ...?
Yes! Business cards are so outdated - excited to see something like this come to market!