Employee onboarding made simple

Stiki gives teams a central location to capture and structure crucial company info. That way new hires can go to Stiki, educate themselves and get up to speed faster.

Stiki makes employee onboarding simple.

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Hey, Tobi from Stiki here. Today, I want to show you Stiki! I developed the initial version of Stiki earlier this year. After years of running a design agency and working with startups, Stiki was created to solve my own frustrating problem. See, every time we made a new hire, momentum stalled and focus wavered as we all (quite rightly) slowed down to get our new crew member settled in and ready to kick ass. Internal communications were a patched together mess of email, Slack, Google drive, and that late night SMS (which usually contained ideas for some of our best work). I knew we needed a process to streamline how we shared information and knowledge. A portal, where team members could not only go to get informed, but also to be inspired. Stiki is now available to everyone. - It's simple to use and intuitive - It's Login with Slack so no extra user accounts/logins needed - It works on every device so your team can access your company info from everywhere For our launch we offer you a Stiki lifetime license for unlimited users for only $100. Checkout to test the app up front. Let me know your thoughts and feedback!

When you come from a traditional wiki system, you're used to six level deep nestings of folders, desperately trying to somehow organize your information. That leads to a lot of nearly-blank placeholder pages and makes you used to pages that contain little to none useful stuff. With a top-level-only approach and dynamic structures via tags my workflow became super flexible - to be honest: it wouldn't be such a great experience without the filter search, as you tend to have a lot of pages. But that's part of the app, so combined it works like a charm.


It's simplicity and therefore the increased visibility of information - oh and the rad design.


Completely keyboard-based authoring experience (more shortcuts, full markdown support)

I've been an early user of Stiki and really love it. It's fast, easy to use, and keeps all our team on the same page with regards to our SOPs.
@ovinegrean Great to have you onboard, Ovi!

I have been one of the beta-testers for Stiki. Tobi has done a great job and listened to the feedback. Now I can say, that finally there's a smart way to have a great wiki tool and not pay fortune for Confluence and all the features you may never need.


Simplicity, cost, functionality


As the product is still 'young', some important features are yet to come

Really smart idea! Can be used in a lot of cases!