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Thanks for sharing @brackin! Five years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar. Meds, therapy, family support, exercise, and improving my self-awareness really helped my successful recovery. It’s what inspired me to start working on Stigma. I spent 1000 hours teaching myself to develop (no prior dev experience), build and iterate Stigma over 6 months. It’s now a really neat micro journaling app that makes it easy to build the habit and visualize your life in word-clouds. I’m excited to launch it today and free for Product Hunt for the next few days. This is just the start so feedback, ideas and suggestions would be awesome!
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Congrats @applecider_, you've come a long way!
@brackin @applecider_ thanks for making this, Dan!. can you tell us more on how it works and how you envision people getting the most value of it?
@brackin @eriktorenberg thanks for asking! To be honest, the true value of journaling is the actually process of taking a few moments out of your day to step back from the grind and reflect on how you are feeling and why. The value that Stigma brings is that we do (and will continue to do) our best on making the process of journaling super simple, cool and an easy habit to maintain. Once (if) we allow for public anonymous entries, I feel like the value proposition will extend much further as it gives users the ability to relate and connect with others on a much deeper emotional level.
I have to thank @radialpoint for making @SupportKit (and @producthunt for helping us find it). We are using it for in-app live-text-feedback and it was a breeze to setup and use. Super helpful, thanks guys!
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Thanks Dan, really happy to see what you've built. This is an app with purpose. Let me know if we @SupportKit can help you out in any way.
Here's the thing. Dan's a product guy that builds things not to get rich, but to improve lives around the world. I've known Dan for quite sometime and can say that this is a product that will continue to get better based on Dan's passion for the industry. Keep rockin kid!
@mikeschmidt thanks for the kind words :)
Interesting product, just signed up. Was just discussing journals and keeping a diary with @will_lam, @francoismat and @daniellegeva yesterday. Good timing! Looks like we'll be seeing you at our Product Hunt TO meetup on Wednesday :)
@will_lam @francoismat @daniellegeva @darynakulya Ya I just signed up! I'm going to have talk to my professor to allow me to skip my exam to make it, but I'm sure I'll be there :) Are you having product pitches there?
@applecider_ Yep! We have 3 product demos at each event.
@darynakulya awesome! I'm excited to see them :)
As someone who frequently has ups and downs in life, I believe in what Stigma is aiming to achieve. I have found this form of short, daily, personal journaling helpful in identifying the causes of my emotions. Stigma has provided me an unobtrusive medium to do so. I am excited for the future of Stigma, and hope for features that will provide greater means of self awareness. Disclosure: Dan is a former co-founder, and close friend.
@kurtbradd thanks Kurt :)