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Hi all. Greetings from London. We’re excited to be here on Product Hunt today talking to you about our Sticky9 app for transforming your favourite photos into fun magnets, prints and other beautiful products. Today we’re presenting our app and showing you how it makes it easy to order from your camera roll, Instagram or Facebook. I’ve been in the business of turning photos into physical products for 15 years now (since I started the Photobox service in Europe). Sticky9 is our way of reaching a new audience with a really simple proposition - sets of great photos in magnet or print form, with free shipping to you, anywhere in the world. We’ve had a Sticky9 website for a while but our app is quite new. We are using the app to try some new ideas, and we’d love to get your feedback. Any comments or questions? - my team and I will be delighted to answer you throughout the day.
@grahamhobson Careful not to ask for upvotes in your broadcast.
OMG, can you imagine all of your beautiful Instagrams on your fridge? <3
@violetanedkova Yes! Not only will my friends have to put up with all the photos of my dog when they go on instagram, now they can see them on my fridge when they come to my house! Brilliant!
Hello everyone. I'm on the team at Sticky9. We are broadcasting on the landing page live now (10:00am UK). Come and join us.
@paul_s_kemp Yup. Definitely getting this!
Do you ship to the UK? Love the concept @grahamhobson
Free delivery worldwide (just heard on the live cast) :D Will def buy some for office back in Lisbon!
@harrystebbings Hi Harry, I'm thrilled you like it. Yes, we product our products locally in UK, US and Australia and have free shipping worldwide.
@grahamhobson @harrystebbings Hi Harry, we noticed your question about Sticky9 shipping during our live broadcast. This link will fast forward you to the bit of the video where we answer your question directly:
Hi all. We're delighted to get to 100 up votes today. It's been so much fun running the live events and answering your questions today on all our social media channels. Keep 'em coming. For those of you that would like to try our app and order something you can use the code PRODUCTHUNT to get 20% off your order, for the next month. Our way of saying thanks for letting us into your amazing community today.
@grahamhobson congrats for the launch !!