Sticky AI

Convert selfies into stickers using AI

Sticky AI is an app from the makers of Prisma that uses artificial neural network to help you create your own selfie-stickers incredibly fast! Create still and animated stickers, save them to the sticker pack and share easily to your conversations.

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Andrey Usoltsev
CEO, Co-founder Prisma Labs
Hey Product Hunters! 🖖 I’m so exited to introduce you a new app from Prisma Labs team! 🎉🎉🎉 Sticky AI is a neural network based mobile app that allows you to create awesome stickers from your selfies and share them in your conversations. The app process segmentation neural network using PIE (Prisma inference engine), that allows to run any neural network on a mobile device. Sticky AI is available for iOS users since this moment! Android is coming soon…
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Krishna De
Social business & live video strategist
@usoltt Terrific and fun app - is there a wait list to hear when Android is available. Would be great to see this integrated into some chatbots
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@usoltt Congrats with the new product. Great result!
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Vic Koch
Tech nerd.
Made by talented team and genius CEO! Really love this product!
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This is amazing! Big props to @usoltt, @artyom_tom_semyanov, @darkolorin! Congrats with a great product! You could probably sell it to Snapchat... :) Do you plan to add stickers to Sticky? :)
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Humphrey Yang
Looks awesome :) I love it!
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