Sticky AdVantage

Are your digital ads being actually seen? Find out!

Nice - taking heatmaps to a whole new level!
Thanks for the "hunt" Chris! Hunters, I'm from the product team. Happy to answer any questions. AdVantage was created to show you what your users "see" when they look at your creations. If you think about it, our eyes are the first "input" channel when we consume digital content. From our eyes, information travels to the brain, and then we instruct our hands to do clicks or scrolls as we engage with the content. AdVantage helps you measure that first point of engagement. AdVantage is built specifically for advertisers, agencies, publishers and native ad networks but Sticky offers products that allow you to measure videos, websites, images, emails, and much more. We're 100% cloud-based so no need for any special hardware or software! See what your users see!
Heatmaps were always interesting to me, but never quite this actionable. Nice work @gniting! Any plans to do something similar for things outside ads? Would totally use this for something like usability research where you define the goal.
@kunalslab Already available! If you head up to our website (, and make a free account, there are tons of examples that you can see where users have used Sticky for a variety of digital media types (websites, images, videos, etc.). I'm nitin at sticky dot ai if you have any specific questions.
@gniting you're one step ahead of me! Will DM you.
@kunalslab sounds good!