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Focus on your project, not formatting.

Stickler CI provides automated code review for GitHub pull requests. By automating the tedious parts of code review away, your team has more time to focus on providing feedback on what the code is doing, not how it is formatted. Stickler CI helps improve style in PHP, python, ruby, CSS, JavaScript, Go, Swift, Java, Ansible, and Puppet.

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Hello everyone, this is Tara from Stickler. Our product currently checks code style for 11 languages and counting! We are always looking for feedback and shipping new features, so feel free to comment below 😀! Also, follow us on twitter for updates and bad jokes about computers:
@taragrundmanis how's this compare hound? Anything you do differently?
@mscccc You have a keen nose for our competition! Hound and us are very similar, we are working to implement new features to differentiate our products further. At the moment, we check more languages and run more linters than Hound...more changes are coming so stay tuned!
Swift support?
@eonpilot Hey Eon! Swift is one of the languages at the top of our backlog! So we are working on it. I will update here once it is complete!
@eonpilot We've recently added support for swiftlint. Happy coding!
There are lot of styles, can I choose which one should be checked? For example, in objc it's more than 10 styles and different companies use different styles.
@perpetuous You can choose which one to check. Take a look here to configure what styles you want checked: We haven't completed objc yet, once we get enough customer insight to implement, we will do so!
Nice! Probably want to make the product page more informative though.
@haoyangnz Hey, thanks for the feedback! What do you recommend adding? We have done a couple of passes, but I am interested in what you think!
@taragrundmanis I don't see any pictures of what it actually does. Just a bunch of text. Maybe just the first image on product hunt (screen shot with github comment) would be useful.
@haoyangnz 👍 Thanks! I will try to put up more useful images 😀.