Empirically proven to transform goals into reality

stickK is a free goal-setting platform created by behavioral economists at Yale University. Unlike other goal-setting platforms, our methodology is specifically structured to help people leverage the power of incentives and accountability and is empirically proven to increase people’s chances of success by up to 3x.

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I absolutely love the idea! With New Years resolutions around the corner, I can see this being used by many to tick to the goals they set for themselves. Having friends and peers to help push you to your goals can/will help immensely.


The interface looks very user friendly


Unsure about the lack of clarity on how the referees work in holding someone accountable to telling the truth.

On behalf of stickK's Product Team, we'd like to thank our hunter, Davis, for selecting us! We've acutely focused on improving the platform's core user experience this year and are happy with the results we've achieved. 2017 brought a complete rebranding, newly designed iOS/Android apps and a variety of new features that we're excited to be rolling out. Stay tuned because we've got more up our sleeve for 2018! As the team's UX Lead, I'd love to utilize this opportunity to seek any and all feedback we can get from the Product Hunt community :)

The Stickk platform lets the user bet against themselves in order to better help them to make their goal. Started using it and so far its working well


Makes completing goals fun like a game


Not allowing me to set a large weight loss goal since it is deemed unhealthy

Looks like you have a great new design, congrats! Goal-setting can be difficult to get right, can you provide some background for how the app is “empirically proven”?
@playgraph We actively work alongside our founders, two behavioral economists, and a variety of other academic organizations to conduct academic studies and analyze the effect of financial stakes, social accountability, etc. on goal-setting behaviors. We've shown that the use of financial stakes on stickK has been proven to increase the chances of a successful outcome by more than 300%.

You can even add a "referee" to help keep you honest, and put money on the line (i.e., if you fail to meet the goal, donates to a cause you hate)..


easy to use, makes you follow through on your goals with many features


many steps needed to really fully benefit from the website