Twitter's missing #Sticker directory

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#StickerSearch allows you to search for tweets that contain a particular sticker.

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Harris Novick
Harris NovickMaker@themta · Lead Development Strategist @ Advance
Thanks for the hunt @astonishedface! I threw this together yesterday just because I wanted a way to browse the various stickers on Twitter, which I couldn't figure out how to do given the current user experience. #StickerSearch is super rough at this point but if people find it useful, I'll throw some polish on there.
David Webb
David WebbHunter@astonishedface
This is a classic case of "scratching the itch". I hope Twitter releases a high-polish version of this functionality (along with API integration) but http://euph.io will do in the meantime.
Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong@duxtales
Twitter should've had something like this with the rollout! Fun to see how everyone is trying out and using the stickers.