Stickers for Twitch

Fans buy and place digital stickers on your stream 👾 🤑

With the Stickers extension, Twitch fans buy digital stickers directly from channels and place them on streams for everyone to see in real-time.
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Hey folks, Matt & AJ here 👋 We'd like to introduce Stickers, a Twitch extensions where fans can buy digital stickers from channels and place those stickers on streams for everyone to see in real-time. Stickers are a 100% digitally native band t-shirt. We're building out a set of fun-as-heck tools to help indie creators get paid online. We launched a little prematurely—happens to the best of us—but snag a spot in our email list for early updates. We'll be working with the first few streamers that activate Stickers and join the dot platform, so share with your favorite streamers!
Looks dope. Can’t wait to try.
Love the salient and concrete use case. I wanna buy some stickers.