Let your car earn money through advertising

#4 Product of the DayJuly 09, 2016
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A mobile app that lets your car earn money through promoting your favorite brands. It's easy: download an app, choose an active ad campaign, get stickers installed on your car, and start driving as usual. Ready for more? Take part in city quests, car rally and flashmobs & become part of community! We transform a routine trip into a real journey! Key facts: 40 000+ downloaded an app | 3mln miles driven by StickerRide users | Now in USA, UK, France and Russia | Advertising campaigns with top brands MARVEL, P&G, Central Partnership, B&N Bank, MTS
@mikhail_marchenko, cool idea, much better than the "wraps" I have seen others attempting to use. I would like for the site to have some functionality before I download the app. Can I see if it's available in my area first somehow? Also, the copy on your App Store listing really needs a professional copy editor. The title alone is going to drive people from downloading your app. Something like StickerRide - Earn money while driving by advertising great brands. Downloaded the app, onboarded successfully, but that could really use some work, the keyboard covered every single form field I was attempting to fill in, checked your Twitter, saw Los Angeles as your location, got excited because I am too, closed app, waiting. Now what happens?
@ryanmtaylor Thanks for advise) Our team in LA working on a new campaign details, you can anytime text them in a chat inside up and ask any question you want.
How does advertiser know the sticker is actually on the car?
@rodolfosaccoman it looks like it's installed by a professional to verify it's your car Very cool idea, I don't think people would want to advertise on my junk of a car though. Maybe something we can do for Anchor!
@rodolfosaccoman We have different hardware (Beacons) and software solutions (driving patterns analysis) to monitor that. On top of that driver regularly submitting photos of the car, so we are 100% sure that everything is ok
This is really interesting. Have you thought about working with ridesharing services? It would be a cool way for Uber drivers to make more money, and great for advertisers, since those cars get around a lot.
Cool idea, the explainer video had the word literally 3 different times... was it meant to be funny or was that the copy someone prepared?
Great idea! Whenever I am on a long car trip I always scheme on ways to make back gas money. Now, I just have to convince the wifey...