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The StickerPop Marketplace makes it dead-simple to sell your stickers on iMessage or any of your favorite apps (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc). Simply upload your sticker graphics and get paid any time anybody uses your stickers – same royalty formula as Spotify.

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Alex Kehr
Alex KehrMaker@alexkehr · Founder and CEO @ Pop
Thanks for sharing StickerPop, Nick. For those that don’t know, we’re based out of Science in Santa Monica! We also actually only exist because of Product Hunt! The original version of the project was Hunted 18 months ago (Geofilter Place). Peter Pham saw it and shot me a note on Twitter, I met with Science, and joined them. We made over $1MM in our first year (primarily with single purchases) and have seen revenue continue to climb with our transition into subscription and “Spotifying” the iMessage Sticker Store.