StickerPop API

Embed all the best stickers and GIFs into your apps.

Every app needs StickerPop Stickers. The StickerPop API gives you access to a world-class library of GIF or static designs. We put all the best stickers into the StickerPop API so your users can send and receive stickers all day.

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StickerPop is a quiet giant. #1 in the Entertainment category in the App Store, #9 overall just behind Snapchat's Bitmoji. Props to the entire StickerPop team. πŸ‘
@nickabouzeid Where....they have only been #14 and that was Jan for only a few hours not even a full day...we are almost done with Sept and they never repeated that ever I don't get what the congrats is given that's a vanity metric that doesn't mean much unless it's true growth. They were never #9 overall lol what lol
That look nice. I think you have some problem becuase when I wanted to sign up I've got 404 page. How about licencing? How can I use it and where? Can I make profit of those stickers? Can I print them?
@ariel_jedrzejczak Licensing is pretty broad, we have partners doing a variety of things with stickers. For example, one person is using our stickers as in iOS in-app purchase and making almost $100K per month that way. You could potentially print them too, however that would require some sort of rev-share so we can make sure the artists in our community get paid for their work. Regarding the 404, I've clicked all the links on and they appear to work? hmm..