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Make money by designing stickers and clipart πŸ–ŒοΈ

Stickeroid the leading cloud-neural platform for Graphic Elements [Stickers, Clipart, Filters and Overlays]. Since 2016, the main part of our platform was available only for limited users. Now everyone can upload any graphic element and earn with us.

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Hi friends, I’m Vic, CEO/founder of Stickeroid, co-founder of Teleport and Ex-VP VoxImplant. Stickeroid is a cloud-neural platform for Graphic Elements [Filters, Stickers, Clipart, and Overlays]. We have created many unique solutions that have been embedded in our platform: 1 - Our billing and CQS of files based on blockchain 2 - Each query is analyzed using artificial intelligence 3 - We have implemented a lot of computer vision algorithms to better understand files. 4 - All moderation is automated 5 - We use segmentation for a dozen handling processes. For example, auto key-generation based on the context of image. At the moment we have the largest dataset for filters, overlays, stickers and clipping process. - More than 1,1 tagged images for classification - More than 490K images was processed for segmentation and cutting the background from different objects We’d appreciate your feedback!
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