Stickered uses SnapKit+OpenGraph tags to make Snapchat stickers from ANY website. Followers can 'swipe up' to load the site!
Plus, it works with the iOS & Android native sharing extensions :)
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🐦 Tweets
πŸ“· Instagram posts
πŸ“Ί Youtube videos
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Building social consumer products πŸ“±
πŸ‘‹ Product Hunt! I'm happy to introduce Stickered! Since stories are just screenshots of tweets now, we decided to make it easier to share content to Stories πŸ™‚ πŸ“± Our iOS & Android apps let you turn ANY website links into beautiful stickers you can share to your Snapchat stories using the native sharing extension; πŸ–₯ Our Snapchat sharing button lets publishers reach a new audience on Snapchat by letting their readers share their content in their stories. It works with ANY website, and ANY app. We'd love to have your feedback πŸ“
Tim Lenardo
CEO @JetFuel (Former eng @Instagram)
Echo-ing here- excited to launch Stickered! Sharing web links is a major behavior on other social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. As we've moved to a 'story-first' world, we've lost the ability to share articles, videos, or any other relevant link! Stickered brings this back, using OpenGraph tags to format any website into a shareable Snapchat sticker. Recipients can then 'swipe-up' to load the link that you shared. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts!
Chief Meme Officer @ Vibe Check
SnapKit is the future and Snapchat is bouncing back 😏
wow! grate :)