Sticker Pricing

Easily calculate the cost of a sticker pack for messaging

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Sticker Pricing is a cute little app for app creators, brands or business owners to communicate with users in messaging apps. Sticker packs can be created for iMessage, Telegram, Kik, Line, and other messaging apps, as well as custom keyboards for iOS and Android.



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Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
So cute! Also, that avocado is my favorite.
Janice Gao@janicegao2 · In blockchain we trust
@chrismessina i love the watermelon!
Peyton Hayslette@peytonhayslette · Product, Deserve
For a moment I thought it was physical stickers then was asked if I want my stickers animated 🙀
Andrei NikiforovMaker@anikiforov · Co-Founder, Sticker.Place
@peytonhayslette @jennwants Hah, thanks for this note! Just fixed the description
Kristina Onyschuk@kristinaonyschuk · Project Manager
It is very cute)
Shalin TJ@shalinjain27 · Founder & Chief Coffee Drinker @Springzo
Hey Guys.. Really nice. What did you use to build the chatbot?
Andrei NikiforovMaker@anikiforov · Co-Founder, Sticker.Place
@shalinjain27 Hey Shalin! We've made it from scratch 💪
Bettina R.@bettinadraws · Artist
I'm looking for the exact same chatbot (embeddable, with images, etc) as my website will have this similar feature of deciding price based on what the customer answers so if you could release this chatbot as a product itself here on PH that would be great.
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Bettina R.@bettinadraws · Artist
@chrismessina Thanks for the recommendation Chris but I really want the customer to stay on my website (reason #1 why I'm not using the Facebook ones) and this one is as painfully manual as Tars (though I'll e-mail asking for shortcuts) I asked for recommendations here
Jiaqi Pan@jiaqip · CEO at
@chrismessina @bettinadraws thanks for the recommendation Chris! Hi Bettina, with landbot you can embed it in your own website easily. You can see examples here: or