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Embed thousands of stickers in any app, site or platform. Multiple methods to display stickers: through search, by popularity, categories, tags or sticker packs.

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Andrew Nikiforov
Andrew NikiforovMaker@anikiforov · Co-CEO, Co-Founder, Sticker.Place
Hello, everyone 🎉 I’m a co-founder of Sticker.Place. Today, we are happy to present you Sticker.Place API. Thank you for hunting us, @chrismessina! It’s been two years since we started Sticker.Place and now we have 1000+ world’s best artists on board creating the highest quality stickers for you. Sticker.Place API creates a new revenue stream for the artists, but still has a free plan for every app or platform developer, so feel free to contact and discuss your case. Some of the Sticker.Place API Endpoints: – Search. Search stickers for a word or emoji – Trending Stickers. Returns stickers popular today – Listing. Returns a list of all sticker packs available – Sticker Pack. Returns an individual sticker pack – Categories. Returns a list of all categories curated by Sticker.Place editorial team Looking forward to your comments and questions! Have a wonderful day, everyone!
Alexey Bizhov
Alexey Bizhov@bizhov · SVMD, CEO
Your main product was a great deal for a design community, but API is bringing the game on a whole new level! Great job!
Artem Goldman
Artem Goldman@goldman_artem · CMO at Plink
How can I get my stickers??=)))
Anatoly Sharifulin
Anatoly Sharifulin@sharifulin · CEO & Co-Founder at AppFollow.io
Great job, guys!
Andrew Nikiforov
Andrew NikiforovMaker@anikiforov · Co-CEO, Co-Founder, Sticker.Place
Let’s embed PH mascot stickers in comments @rrhoover 😺