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600+ Stickers from David Lanham

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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Probably the most gorgeous stickers for iMessage... Love it!
Scott Dunlap
Scott Dunlap@dunlap_scott · Designer, icon maker, 1/2 of Habit List
Agreed, these are wonderful. David's stuff rocks (my daughters are big fans of his Hatch app), and this is a perfect landing spot for his awesome characters!
James Koo
James Koo@iamjamkoo · UI/Graphic Designer @CityStateGames
love the art style!
Phill Ryu
Phill RyuMaker@phillryu · Impending Inc.
Thanks Chris for hunting our sticker app 🎉 David has some experience with stickers and sticker characters in the past, notably creating the default sticker emoji set for Facebook and a bunch of popular characters there. So after we heard about stickers in iOS 10 it wasn't long before stickers started appearing in our dropbox and Sticker Pals became a project. We're just hoping to make Sticker Pals the best sticker app on the store. I think we have a ways to go, but it's been great to see the love for it so far and others seeing that potential in it. For anyone reading, I assume you're at least a bit curious, so definitely check it out! And let us know what you think of it. 😸
Ross Rojek
Ross Rojek@sacbookreviewer · CTO,,
So many cool artists that can put stuff out. Can't want to see where this goes