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Hey! We're super excited to launch our custom transfer stickers on Product Hunt. Our handmade transfer stickers make it easy to apply delicate and / or multi-part designs to most surfaces. This makes them ideal for most logos. :-) Traditionally, vendors for this product have strict design guidelines and complicated approval processes where they ensure their guidelines are met. By contrast, we have lax guidelines that offer unprecedented freedom and our free proofing process makes ordering a breeze. We'd love to hear feedback from Product Hunters on how we can make this more awesome! We’re only offering black transfer stickers while we learn to scale the manufacturing, but we plan to offer more colors next year. Btw, help@stickermule.com today, referencing this post, we'll send you a free Glasshole Kitty transfer sticker. Got a sec? Post a comment with feedback or question below. Our team will be thrilled to hear your thoughts!
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@ac132 congrats - we love Sticker Mule - we used it for all our vinyl's for @cnverg - great quality. We were just looking into new designs and were hoping to do transferable ones for some coffee mugs and glassware. How do they hold up with washing? And YES for the free #Glasshole Kitty sticker!
@jakirk42 they hold up great! Already dishwasher tested. 😄
@ac132 Sweeeeeet! We'll definitely be getting more - glad we can go through y'all again
@ac132 @stickermule please do metallic decals please! Thanks :)
StickerMule at it again! Whenever I think of anything to do with stickers....I think StickerMule. @ac132 can you shed some light on these 😜
@bentossell Thanks Ben! Our new transfer stickers are perfect for logos and designs with multiple, individual pieces that need to stay together when you “transfer” them to a window, car, or other surface. They're also ideal for more delicate designs that aren't easy to handle as individual die cuts (for example, the "Dark" sticker on the glass is just 1 sticker but you wouldn't be able to easily apply it). We soft launched a few weeks ago and it's been awesome to see what people are doing with the additional level of creative freedom this product offers when designing stickers. You can get a feel for the types of designs people have already submitted by clicking into our reviews here: https://www.stickermule.com/prod...
I got to beta test these with company logo stickers and then ordered another batch when they launched! GREAT QUALITY, as expected from stickermule. Obviously the laptop ones stick well, even to matte but I've also had two on my car's back window for over a week through two rain storms and they're holding strong :) The process could definitely be worked on to allow thinner cutouts and shapes but I figure that will happen over time.
@thatmattgardner Hey Matt, thanks for taking part in the beta and sharing your experience. The team has continued making improvements and we have many more planned. Our beta testers were a huge help in getting us ready for the official launch. :)
Always have to support my friends at StickerMule... My MacBook is covered in StickerMule products.
You had me at free glasshole sticker :). Much like the original poster when I think of stickers I think of Stickermule. I also love products that take engagement beyond the real world. The internet is all fine and dandy but I really enjoy when I see a nice direct mail campaign or a marketing campaign in the real world.
@mrmikesmith thanks Mike! We're always curious to build closer relationships with customers :)