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Excited to finally get this service out and show it off on Product Hunt first. The concept of "spec samples" is big in the print world, but no one's doing it cost effectively in sticker land yet. This service is designed to help anyone that want to inexpensively see spec samples of their designs before placing a bigger order. It's also ideal for customers to show a new design off in real life around the office. We ship Test Drive orders for free via UPS 2nd Day Air too so that the turnaround is blazing fast. Would love to get feedback from the Product Hunt community. :)
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@ac132 Good move as always!
@ac132 love it. 10 sample boxes worked great for us, its a great opportunity for people to try it out.
@ac132 great idea and execution. trying before making a huge commitment is a great move.
Been waiting for this for a while! What's the cost of shipping to Australia?
@stoneadam we've been working hard to get free international shipping costs lower. right now its free to Australia on orders over $100 USD. http://support.stickermule.com/c...
Always quality stickers from Sticker Mule!
Great idea. Touching and feeling your final design before printing thousands is kind of a big deal. Love what Sticker Mule has become.
@greggoodson thanks Greg. Been nice to watch your progress too. Look forward to hanging in CO.