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I've been looking for something like this to distribute Glasshole kitty stickers. I'll set this up shortly.
@BrianCurliss you're right. That was quick. :D Get your Glasshole Kitty stickers (at cost) here. UPDATE: The fine folks at Startup Mule know how to delight. Glasshole Kitty stickers are now $1. :)
@rrhoover @BrianCurliss thanks for the positive feedback! we'd love to get help get the Glasshole Kitty stickers out to as many people as possible :-)
@rrhoover ordered one couple of days ago. Can't wait to slap it on my mbp.
@briancurliss @rrhoover That was very sweet of StickerMule! :D You know how many I have affixed to my MacBook Pro? Over 10!
We're thrilled to finally launch the Sticker Mule Marketplace. More than 500 sellers are already on board including reddit, DuckDuckGo, Dribbble, Docker and Smashing Magazine. To celebrate the launch, we're making Product Hunt stickers available for $1 including free US shipping (already mentioned by Ryan). http://www.stickermule.com/marke... If anyone has any questions or feedback post a comment! :-)
@ac132 I'm a big fan os Sticker Mule's products. I've ordered custom stickers from them and will do so again. So, I imagine the marketplace will do well, and I'll probably have a laptop full of stickers soon.
@iambrakes haha thanks Brett! Looking forward to helping decorate your laptop :-)
@ac132 What happened to the marketplace? It was an incredible idea. I am looking to sell stickers online and have no way to do it with StickerMule.
Basically Printful for stickers. "All of our customers can sell their stickers at no cost. We ship directly to buyers and you keep the profit."
@dshan we're a little different in that we don't have an API; whereas Printful is only an API. We're more like the the other print marketplaces (Zazzle / Cafepress), except that they produce single units for mass consumption whereas we took our production process, that's suited for producing high quality bulk orders, and scaled it down to support single unit orders.
@ac132 Excellent! I knew I was simplifying things a bit much.
I just received a pack of stickers well packaged with speedy delivery. The quality of the stickers are awesome and the execution is superb from beginning to end. If you're thinking about getting some stickers then this is the place to try! Well worth every dime!
@notrab thanks jamie! that's great to hear :-)
+1 on all the positive Sticker Mule and Anthony comments. These folks rock.
@sanjay thanks for being down for us since day one!