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Hey Product Hunt, we are really excited to share with you our first release of Sticker List. After publishing several sticker packs, we realized some issues with the distribution and discoverability of stickers. It was very difficult to discover great quality stickers in the App Store and elsewhere. After running an analysis on the App Store and discovering there were over 20,000 stickers available, an idea was formed to create a platform to better organize, present, and promote great stickers while making it very simple for anyone to publish. Our goal is sort through all the stickers and show highly curated items that offers beautiful art and expressiveness. You can read more about our story here: We look forward to your feedback and answering any questions you may have :)
Hello! Just started browsing you site and tried to submit my sticker pack there via the share sticker button. I was unsure if the form actually submitted because i got no confirmation after i clicked submit and i tried contacting you all via the contact form below your site but looks i had the same problem there. Love the idea though and agree with why this was created! *i sent a message to you facebook page too but realized this was probably better
@ronnie_nguyen Thanks for the report Ronnie, We'll take a look at this ASAP, for now you can email us at with your submission :)
@hopeso Perfect, thank you!
I needed this! Apple's own feature hardly offers me anything compelling; discovery, to me, is a difficult task. Most of my stickers came from searching for hours long. No doubt there are plenty of gems out there that should be part of my collection. I just love collecting these stickers. That said, just one glance at this site and it already gave me ideas for my next few purchases. So, thank you for making this possible; here's hoping more creators jump in and submit their stickers.
@onelargetea Thank you for the kind words Edelheid. Yes we hope to bubble up these gems, there are so much good art but it is buried under a lot of "clipart" packs. We are always looking for new submissions :)
Can I submit my own stickers? How does that work?
@eboy There is a page here to start publishing with us: or you can email us at - Great art btw!
Hi! that looks great, but i wonder what is your plan to gain some audience? And do you plan to publish only those stickers that you find good enough?