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David PetersonMakerHiring@edavidpeterson · Growth @ Airtable
Hey Product Hunt! Thanks for posting @gregoiregilbert. We built Steward to solve a simple problem. Growing a business is hard work. But a lot of that work is repetitive and research-oriented, like building lead lists, gathering contact info, cleaning data, etc. In our roles overseeing business development at tech startups, we didn’t have time to focus on “grunt” work. We wanted to outsource the work, but found that managing contractors became a full time job in and of itself. We built Steward to manage that process for you. Send any basic sales, marketing, or business development research task our way. We have teams of train researchers standing by 24/7, as well as powerful automation and QA tech to get your tasks done.
Ryan Gum@ryangum · CEO, Attach
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Mike Hawkins@mikehawkins
Used these guys to get social media & editorial contacts at various publishers so we could contact them about's interactive content tools. Joe and team were fast, quick, and high quality.
Joe LeonMaker@joeleonjr · Co-founder, Steward
@hawkinsmike Thanks for the support, Mike. Glad we could help you guys out.
Greg GilbertHunter@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
That's a great idea! Super useful for founders as you don't always have the time to do this kind of prep work.
Ryan Gum@ryangum · CEO, Attach
Very smart idea - this looks awesome. There's plenty of tools out there for sales email automation, but finding those leads is still a grunt force effort that something like Steward could help with. Will try it out!
Joe LeonMaker@joeleonjr · Co-founder, Steward
@ryangum Thanks, Ryan. We're big fans of tracking prospect engagement and would love to help out however we can.
Ryan Gum@ryangum · CEO, Attach
@ryangum Reporting my results after trying it out: David and Joseph jumped on Skype with me, found out about what we do and who we're targeting - we ordered 50 leads. Their team manually researched the leads based on our criteria and returned the highest quality data you could hope for including name, job title, email, company phone number, and even verifying that the contact still worked there (up to 30% of people don't keep their LinkedIn up to date so this helps massively with data integrity). If you're doing your own lead research, save the time and use Steward, it's a no-brainer. Already recommended it to 2 other companies.