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Hey ya'll! We're pretty excited to get Steven out there! Let me know if you've got any questions.
This app is very stupid and I love it a lot. When I first used twitter I thought it was very stupid but I loved it. I find it extremely difficult to do the feedback thing the scrolling right left then holding and up and then down again is a little much for me. A+ recommend. :cat:
@jedgar This is my fav comment
I have mad respect for team Pushd. I've been playing with a few of their experimental, pre-release apps over the past several months. They've taken a non-traditional approach to "starting up" and each app they've built gets better, building upon their previous work. @tylr, @bcherry, @abdur - Where did the idea for Steven come from? P.S. Added Steven to the Emoji Apps collection. P.P.S. I'm glad you stuck with the name Steven. )
@rrhoover thanks for the kind words. We originally built a product that was very similar - but required much more training and text input. We scrapped that one because it didn't detect enough statuses for most people with the training involved. We built another 5 apps then came back around to this original idea but switched all the statuses to emojis which solved our original detection crisis. That's the quick version of Steven's story. Putting up a blog post soon!
@rrhoover Here's a little more about our thoughts -
@rrhoover Testing it out now! I'd love to hear/read more about their non-traditional approach to starting up. Did you mean to link to a blog post above?
@robjama I'll let @tylr, @abdur, or @bcherry fill in the details. I made a typo and linked to the wrong URL (fixed!) earlier in the comment thread. I meant to point to this blog post which references their previous experiment, Gummie. Abdur has an awesome quote that embodies their mindset: "Changing the way people think about their encounters and having forethought about someone is good. Technology that makes us see others and be more compassionate is really cool. While this product probably won’t work, creating things that are new, novel and make you think of others are worth trying out."
Excited to see what you guys think about the product. Thanks for trying it.
I've been playing with Steven for a few months. I find it very addictive and I don't really know why. It's approach to location is very natural. I also love the Emoji maps it creates. You find them in "Settings".
@jlax Hoping to ship Canada version very soon. Thank you so much! We're still working on figuring out what you like so much about Steven :)
@tylr make sure it is bilingual. Stéphane en français