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See what your friends are doing w/o sharing your location

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Nice update, @abdur. I appreciate the experimentation with the hold to view/swipe interaction you launched with but this is far more intuitive. Just snapped this: What happened to Twitter/FB sharing? Did you remove it or is it buried somewhere? If the former, I'm curious why.
@rrhoover sharing will be in the next iteration, it's a tough balance between what is needed to test ideas and optimizing your time in the review cycle.
@rrhoover amazing the share version got approved in just a couple days. I remain baffled by the process. Profile shares next.
What's new: everything, except the name! Completely new product based on what our power users actually did with the product. They wanted to know what others where doing, share moments and keep track of their life. While we used a minor version update, that more in lines with our thought of what changed in the underlying learning and tracking system than from an experience perspective.