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The official extended Steve Jobs trailer came out recently - looks interesting but I can't get over the fact that Michael Fassbender doesn't look or sound like Steve Jobs.
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@robjama that's true, still can't wait ha
@robjama Is it me or does he sound Irish in this?
@robjama Michael Fassbender is one of the best actor on Earth IMHO. I was so happy when I knew they chose him. Watch Shame.
@robjama felt the same way initially but then I started looking at as more of a play about three important moments in Jobs' life. Much like The Social Network, a dramatization where none of the actors really looked the part (a great movie still). @nicolasegosum agreed, can't wait to see him in MacBeth. Check out Slow West too if you're looking for something a little more interesting / quirky.
@rustydingo @robjama Its not Michael Fassbender that worries me ... Seth Rogan?! I have probably seen 70% of all Seth Rogan movies and he plays all of one role. Except in Freaks and Geeks (where he just plays a dick). I hear he has a big role too...
Can't wait to post the trailer to Season 3 of Silicon Valley
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But how many Steve Jobs movies do we need really?
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@v4violetta All of them :) haha, jk, that sounded like a funny answer though.
@v4violetta More then we have so far, none of them are very good yet.
had no idea you could submit movies to PH?
@ourielohayon I suppose in the very loose sense it's a product.. But this was my first reaction as well.
@ourielohayon if it is related to Steve Jobs - everything is possible :)
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@ourielohayon How many other products or services for sale actually have someone on staff called....a Producer :) I get it though, it's not an app or an item, but I think movies and books have a good place here.
@acoyfellow can t wait to see Steve Jobs underwear line trending on PH :)
I hope its based on "Becoming Jobs" the new book, a much more insightful look into the man not the legend.
@tracyingram According to Venture Beat, it's not : "the script was written by Aaron Sorkin and is based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of the Apple guru". Here's the full article : http://venturebeat.com/2015/07/0...
@anthony_abitbol @tracyingram And a movie adaptation of that book is probably going to be pretty far from 'true' or 'real'. C'est la vie.