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Ivo Dimchev
Ivo DimchevMaker@himynameisivo · Founder @Stereofox / Digital @8fit
Hey guys, been a fan of PH for a long, long time and seeing Stereofox featured here makes me utterly happy. I made a little gift for you and I hope you like it. Looking forward to any questions and suggestions how to make SF better!
Tori Bunte
Tori BunteHunter@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
Another source for music discovery, album reviews, mixes and playlists & more. I'm a big fan of the dark UI.
Nice, especially the dark UI, like @stttories mentioned. Although I don't do 'dope', I like the mix of the PH playlist. It's good in the background while I work.
Ivo Dimchev
Ivo DimchevMaker@himynameisivo · Founder @Stereofox / Digital @8fit
@fbara glad you enjoyed the playlist! While having 10+ different contributors, one of the ideas behind Stereofox is to create some sort of seamingless music flow and still try to diversify the type of music we feature. I have to admit it's often my work background music source as well. In terms of the dark UI, when we were working the current version (2.0) we had 2 variations - a dark and a light one. One of the reasons we went with the dark one was to diversify ourselves from other similar platforms/music blogs. Plus, with the the re-design we also did a re-branding of the platform (i.e. new logo, general approach towards what and how we do things internally etc.) and the dark gamma fit better what we were going for at the time. So far the feedback regarding that decision has been absolutely positive and I'm glad you guys enjoy it as well.