On-demand chat based translation app

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Stepes changes the way translation is performed by allowing anyone with a connected mobile device to become a translator. By first breaking down a document into smaller paragraphs and then sentences, Stepes allows linguists to perform translation in a conversation style suited for a smaller mobile screen. Stepes divides large translation text into smaller segments or text like sentences and phrases. These segments are then shown as short text bubbles, similar to that found on smartphone messaging apps. Translators can then translate each text bubble quickly and efficiently using the keyboard or voice dictation. The Stepes translation process looks exactly like a short message conversation between Stepes and the translator and allows translators to work within a very familiar mobile chat environment. With Stepes, linguists are able to translate anywhere at anytime, allowing them to earn extra money in their spare time.
Clicking this page, I thought I'll see an add on to chats that automatically translates both sides... but this is also cool. I can use it.
Does it work as a chat for your website, to talk to costumes?