Stencil for WordPress

Create images quickly inside of Wordpress.

Stencil for WordPress is the fastest way to design images as you post! With the Stencil WordPress plugin installed, you have access to millions of photos and premium icons, hundreds of templates and the world's easiest to use image creator.

  • Pros: 

    Easy access to thousands of free pics without worrying about copyright.


    none that I can think of

    I've used the Stencil app for over a year and it's way easier to use than Canva, PicMonkey, or any others I've tried. It looks like the plugin is exactly the same interface, just inside WordPress.

    Fran Eleazer has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Better stock photos, more options. Better interface. Easy to use


    not as good ready made templates as others

    I was a paid canva user and made the jump to stencil and i really love it. Got used to it really quick and now I wouldn't use anything else.

    Michelle Harler has used this product for one year.
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Adam Rotman
Adam RotmanMakerHiring@adamrotman · Co-founder, Stencil
Hey guys! I'm Adam, co-founder of Stencil ( and excited to launch our new WordPress plugin today. Our new plugin brings the full power of Stencil to WordPress and makes creating images insanely easy, right from within WordPress as you're writing posts. I've constantly found myself hopping around between tabs trying to find graphics for blog articles, but with the new Stencil WordPress plugin, it all happens right inside the post edit screen. I've been pretty amazed at how much time this saves and how convenient it is! You don't even need a Stencil account to get started, you can take things for a spin just by installing the plugin and launching Stencil from the "Add Media" area. We think you're totally going to love this improved flow for designing images as you post in WordPress. Looking forward to your comments!
Maya Lname
Maya Lname@emmakay
@adamrotman That's an awesome update to Stencil! I used to use Canva, now use Stencil almost exclusively. One of the more laborious aspects was having to create the image in Stencil, download locally and then upload back to my site: this is going to make image creation pretty much seamless. Thank you!
@adamrotman Awesomesauce! Will share with my author and blogger peeps. This will make it so much easier to use and share. Thanks!
Lachlan Kirkwood
Lachlan Kirkwood@lachlankirkwood · Digital Marketing Specialist
Love this! Any plans on integrating an image compressor? I currently design assets in @canva, then use Tiny.png to compress them. It'd be great if there was an end-to-end solution!
John Q
John Q@hlwjia · Full stack freelance developer
@canva @lachlankirkwood Agreed, optimizing image size is huge.
Oliver Nassar
Oliver NassarMakerHiring@onassar · Co-founder, Stencil
@lachlankirkwood @hlwjia great points and something we took into consideration while we were developing the plugin. When you use Stencil via the WordPress Plugin, well automatically compress the image (as best we can without losing any quality) to ensure it successfully gets imported into your Media Library without running into any file size issues 😄
TheRobHayes@therobhayes · Product for early-stage startups
Looks great! Is this compatible with the new wordpress (5+)? Also, does Stencil handle image cropping too?
Oliver Nassar
Oliver NassarMakerHiring@onassar · Co-founder, Stencil
@therobhayes Sorry for the delay; was stuck on a bus 🚌We definitely support the newest WordPress installs, along with the new Gutenberg editing style. Also, you can crop right within Stencil (including fun shapes like hearts or badges), and then export that to your WordPress Media Library, as can be seen here: Thanks for the q!
Thinh@tobalsan · Entrepreneur, startup founder
Love it! I'm a heavy user of Stencil, and this is a fantastic addition. I use Stencil for almost all my WordPress post featured images, this is going to make my work even better and easier. Thanks!
Jim Coyle
Jim Coyle@ijimcoyle
I'm a regular user of Stencil for several blogs and websites I manage, and I love Stencil! It's fast and smooth to use, has extensive photo resources, adjustable formatting, high-quality output. I just installed and used the new Stencil WordPress plugin on one of my sites and it was seamless. This is a great addition!
Oliver Nassar
Oliver NassarMakerHiring@onassar · Co-founder, Stencil
Thanks for the kind words @ijimcoyle We're always hard at work, and have a couple new things slated for the not too distant future 😉