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@nivo0o0 thanks :)
@nivo0o0 ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ‘
Hi all! Oliver here, Co-founder of Stencil. Really loving the feedback thus far: keep it coming! While there's a lot of movement in this space, our approach is a bit different: Yes, we want to create the best product possible, but we also relentlessly focus on supporting our users. We get on Skype & Google Hangout calls daily to help out with whatever they need. Stencil will only get better, faster, and easier to use w/ time (better filters are on the way!), but something we will always pride ourselves on is supporting you in the best way possible. Feel free to email me directly ( if you have any questions not answered below, or want to connect over a phone or Skype call. And please, keep the feedback coming! The more you share, the better Stencil gets! Thanks, and happy hunting :) Oliver
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@onassar @getstencil what inspired the branding change from shareasimage?
Good question @smalter We actually wrote a long piece on this (, but the short of it was we outgrew our previous name and brand. Stencil is almost an entirely different product, light-years ahead of Share As Image, and we wanted a name to reflect that, and how quickly and easily you could use our tool to get things done. Also, we wanted an excuse to use this wicked logo ;)
How is this different to
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@dale_beaumont Seems to be a little more specifically targeted towards sharable social images than Canva is. More like an advanced version of Buffer's Pablo.
@dale_beaumont came to ask the same question. Canva is more easy & readymade templates available
@dale_beaumont Canva is an awesome product, but Stencil does things a bit differently. We designed Stencil from the ground up to be all about speed and sharing social images more efficiently. With Live Social Previews, you can also see exactly how the post is going to look on desktop/mobile before actually sharing...Oh, we also have Instagram sharing (through SMS) which people are really digging! We also don't charge by the asset. As a subscriber, you also get access to all of our included assets, which are getting close to 1M in total now! If you're looking to share social quote images, we've recently added thousands of built-in quotes so you can search and instantly add them to images. One other cool thing is the Stencil Chrome Extension. With it installed, you can highlight text anywhere on the web and instantly create an image with it. Or even right-click an image you have permission to use and load it straight into Stencil...really speeds things up and lets you use Stencil 'on-the-go'.
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@adamrotman Thanks for the reply. I will give it another look. Dale
@adamrotman Instagram feature sounds fantastic, sounds like that would fix and speed up a problem I have been having for years. Can't wait to try this out.
I have been using stencil since it was called I have tried a lot of the online social image editors and think Stencil blows everything out of the water. The chrome extension, easy to edit templates and extensive options sold me. @adamrotman and his team have shipped an awesome product. Highly recommended!
Looks like a nice tool. Would be even better if it has an eyedropper. There seems to by no way to copy the color from what's already on the screen.
@amneziolog 100% with you. I was talking with @adamrotman about that a couple weeks ago. It's definitely on our roadmap :)