The easiest way to isolate vocals from any song.

Stems is the easiest way to create high quality instrumentals and acapellas. Stems will take any audio file (or YouTube/SoundCloud link) and automatically create an isolated vocal track, drum track, bass track, piano track, and more.
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Hey Product Hunt! We built Stems with the goal of making it incredibly easy for anyone to isolate individual parts of any song. Stems will take any audio file (or YouTube/SoundCloud link) and return the following tracks: - Intrumental - Vocals (isolated) - Drums (isolated) - Bass (isolated) - Piano (isolated) - Other (isolated) We have an unrestricted 14-day free trial available, and we're offering a 50% off discount to the Product Hunt community. Use code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout. If you have any questions or feedback, please comment below!
Amazing tool! Finally there's an audio app to help me remove my least favourite member of the podcast, and finally listen in peace!
THIS IS AWESOME! Such a necessary tool! 10/10 all around!
@neil_hamamoto1 What would your use case be?
this type of ui needs to die
@lynxlead1 agreed. See my comment above.
I was always looking, seeking in fact, for product market fit. I would search around every corner, crevice, inside the hole that was in my heart even, but it was always eluding me, like a foxy squirrel. I think I have finally found it with Stems, so I thank you for this. God bless you.