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Children love creating things and they can’t stop pushing the limits of their imagination further. But there is so much they wish to create and only so little they get to explore. Only if it was a little more convenient to access the right resources, they wouldn’t get stuck on their dream projects so often. Having launched evive- a well appreciated electronic prototyping device in 2016, we were hunting ways to further improve project-making experience for children. Consequently, we created a beginner's kit, developed a few online courses, a Scratch-based programming interface, a controller application and tons of learning resources. We brought all of them under the umbrella we now call STEMpedia. The hardware part is complete and learning resources are perpetual, while programming interface and controller app are still in beta. Have a look, hunt deeper and let us know how we did and how can we improve further! Do you think this is something a 10-year old you would've loved?
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Nice! I actually had a small internship teaching programming to kids and I saw hands on the results of using Scratch + robots instead if regular old teaching methods. Good luck to you!
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@apavaloi Dear Alexandru, Thank you for your kind words 😄

Robots are a great way to amaze students of all ages. From K12 to University, they'll offer an interactive and fun way to discover technological concepts. STEMS and robots are among the best ways to engage with classroom


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I did't find any :)

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