Stemi Hexipod

A robot you can create on your own, at home

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The spider-like design creeps me out a bit. ๐Ÿ˜ Related: LEGOs are awesome but it seems like we're due for a next gen, tech version of this. I've seen several DIY techie gadgets like this but unaware of any have truly taken off and created a notable brand.
@rrhoover Lego taking an interesting approach to teach kids basic programming concepts. (Summer 2017)
This is absolutely brilliant. I made one of these as a side project while I was in college 4 years ago. Years later, my hexapod was featured on the Emmy-nominated kids show, ProjectMC2. So, two questions, approximately how much is a kit? And when do you expect to be shipping out? Great work Stemi!
Looks like several others out there, several spelling mistakes on the site too. @rrhoover Arduino makes one, plus I think Make: several too.