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Murice Damion MillerHunter@m4murice · CEO, dotCOMpad
Technology is great, but having my son and daughter spend countless hours on a tablet is not so good. @STEMreads is a great solution because they learn about STEM through books as well as hands on experiences. @Joeljsam please let us know what inspired you to create STEMreads.
Bernd M. Weiss@toabsorb · Space Uni Grad / Founder @spacejobfair
@m4murice @stemreads @joeljsam Great Idea. Would love to hear the maker's story and get in touch with them. Are you there? :) Space is the future, and STEM is the enabler.
Joel SamMaker@joeljsam
@m4murice @stemreads Thanks for your kind words. This was inspired by having 2 little girls 5 and 8 and wanting to create something that would be fun but still give them early exposure to these critical subjects. We will be launching on Nov 15th and shipping in time for the holidays.
Bernd M. Weiss@toabsorb · Space Uni Grad / Founder @spacejobfair
@joeljsam @m4murice @stemreads Where are you based and in which countries do you market?
Joel SamMaker@joeljsam
@toabsorb @m4murice @stemreads We are located in the US in MD and FL. We will be trying to ship to as many countries as possible at launch and still getting the details on that.
Gabriela Hromis@ghromis ·
I would prefer to see the price before I give you my email.