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Mark on a map countries you have lived, been & want to go to

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I once similar app, entered the countries I've been to, those country maps turned red. Suddenly, I felt I wanted to go to Russia. I never wanted to go to Russia before, but it this case, it would color a good portion of the world map red for me. So, I deleted the whole thing. 🙈
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@ghromis Hi Gabriela thanks for the feedback! you mean that you would like to select only a certain part / region of a country? #goodidea
@vincebelpiede No, I mean it's a dangerous thing to use (at least for me) since you may find yourself wanting to go somewhere just to enter it into the app. But it is fun to enter new countries in there...
@ghromis to travel the world is a good thing ;)
Yeah, not exactly what I was talking about, but fine :) It's a fun app 😉
@ghromis well explain me again curious :) and sorry for not understanding it's a crazy day!
So helpful to keep track of places I've been - hope the Stellup team continues to build great products.
@rolandal thanks for the encouraging words! this was done in just a weekend but we can't wait to integrate it into Stellup main app!
The huge geography nerd in me loves this, pure and simple. :D
@adammarx13 agreed I'm a huge geography freak too! used to read the atlas when pooing as a kid hahahahahahha #truestory
Keep it simple, stupid! That's what you did and I love it. A bit of stats would have been nice so I can easily brag about the # of countries I lived.
@scomopolitan good idea! We got it in our little roadmap! Any other thoughts keep them coming! Thanks!!! We love KISS too
@vincebelpiede maybe the time spent living/travelling :)
@scomopolitan didn't think of this...will it it to trello!!!
Cool... the mobile / modern version of Where I've Been? Not sure if there is anyway to tie in @ohheyworld .. it's focused on the where i've been aspect of it. (it's an open source project)
@drewmeyers @ohheyworld I guess ;) where I've been lived and want to go ;) I will check out your links if you think of any good ties let me know