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Hello everyone at Product Hunt! 👋🚀🐈 It's Jordan from the Steller team here. (I'm the Marketing Director, but I've been with Steller from the start so I have my hands in just about everything at all times!) I just wanted to drop in, introduce myself, and share what's going on at Steller. First of all, I'm really excited about some of the newer features that take storytelling to the next level. The latest tools and themes really let you share an authentic experience. Viewers of your story can essentially peek behind the curtain and get the whole picture—not just a tiny piece of it. For those who either don’t know about Steller, or have previously used Steller to tell your stories, here’s an update on how we built out Steller in 2019 - We’ve built out our themes to help authors tell a better story and one that’s highly designed. - Added context to stories with the ability to add maps (a feature we plan to expand in 2020). - Improved the ability to share stories in all places of social, which is something we always set out to achieve! - Updated the aspect ratio of stories… because full screen! - Updated our web experience (a feature we plan to continue to update in 2020). Next year, we look to build out what an author can do and how they can create a more interactive story. The goal is for inspiration to turn into action, so our consumers can utilize Steller as a companion in the key areas of travel… from sofa to destination. For now, I welcome all feedback. We're always looking to improve the storytelling experience, so let me know what you think!