Tip other GitHub users with Stellar 🌟

Featured Embed is a site designed to make it a little easier for open source developers to get tips in the cryptocurrency Stellar. Once you setup your profile then you just need to enter your Stellar public key and place a link or button on your GitHub project page. currently does not process payments for security purposes.

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Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell@brad_mitchell · personal:
Love seeing more Stellar use cases, awesome job!I’m a huge fan of their team. Also, shameless plug but if anyone wants to learn more about Stellar the community and I put together this massive syllabus for learning about it
Sherri Robinson
Sherri Robinson@sherrirobinson1 · I'm just cool :)
Another site for Stellar. Hope this currency will rise soon
rossse@lyurossse · Hiii :)
@sherrirobinson1 i hope so too
Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly@adam_kelly · Student and Programming Enthusiast
Love the background, how did you make it?
Anthony Da Mota
Anthony Da Mota@akdm_ · I upvote things that matter.
Yay, another Stellar use case :D
This thing looks awesome man. While everyone is here, check out Tipp: It's a similar one-time donation concept, but for YouTube videos instead, and it's implemented as a Chrome extension.