Decentralized protocol for real-world currencies

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1 Review5.0/5
Impressive onboarding flow has a clear checklist of tasks to complete with incentives for good behaviors (verify identity with facebook, earn 5000 STR, confirm email earn 1000 STR, send money, earn 1000 STR).
Interesting to see Stripe's support of the platform.
What makes Stellar different from Ripple?
@abiekatz Seems like Stellar is just a pure fork of Ripple but without the all the issues Ripple had with founders owning all the XRP (and the negative sentiment that created).
@abiekatz three biggest differences: 1) its backed by a non-profit 2) 95% of the STR are being given away for free and 3) 1% new currency generated each year, distributed by voting.
@abiekatz It is important to note that one of the Ripple founders is one of the people behind Stellar.
Loving the simplicity. Just signed up as "len"
I'm a huge fan of this. The unification of currency is a brilliant idea.