Decentralized protocol for real-world currencies

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Michael Ducker@miradu · Cofounder of @pinchrent with @maiab
Impressive onboarding flow has a clear checklist of tasks to complete with incentives for good behaviors (verify identity with facebook, earn 5000 STR, confirm email earn 1000 STR, send money, earn 1000 STR).
David Spinks@davidspinks · CEO, CMX Media
Interesting to see Stripe's support of the platform.
Abie Katz@abiekatz · Associate, CrunchFund
What makes Stellar different from Ripple?
Hart Lambur@hart_lambur
@abiekatz Seems like Stellar is just a pure fork of Ripple but without the all the issues Ripple had with founders owning all the XRP (and the negative sentiment that created).
Winnie Lim@wynlim · storyteller @
@abiekatz three biggest differences: 1) its backed by a non-profit 2) 95% of the STR are being given away for free and 3) 1% new currency generated each year, distributed by voting.
Fred Oliveira@f · Product, Engineering at
@abiekatz It is important to note that one of the Ripple founders is one of the people behind Stellar.
Len Kendall@lenkendall · Expert at nothing.
Loving the simplicity. Just signed up as "len"
Christopher Davis@cdavis565 · Design at Trello by day, sleep by night.
I'm a huge fan of this. The unification of currency is a brilliant idea.