THE alternative to Hackpad: collaborative docs for free

Stekpad is a free tool for real time collaboration. Work together on products or documents. And Stekpad is free.

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Hi all, First: Bram thanks for hunting! Second: my name is Erwin Blom, I am the CEO of, we make installing, hosting and updating open source software easy for everyone. We are fans of frictionless collaboration tool Hackpad. Write together, work together! Now is nearing its end (on July 19 it will be taken down), we are proud to tell you about our commitment to this great tool: * We launch Stekpad, a free hosted Hackpad service for public collaboration. Go to to try. * We maintain and develop the open source hackpad/hackpad branch. Developers and other users, join us on Github to make Hackpad even better! * We built an open source tool to migrate from to your own Hackpad install and published it on Github. Or we can help you get your stuff from to * We introduce a paid Hackpad-service for teams on your own subdomain. We install, host and update so you can concentrate on the rest. See If you have questions, fire away! If there are ways we can make the experience better, let us know. By the way, if you want to use our migration tools, move over to There you find all the information how to do it. Finally a big thank you for the team that brought the world Hackpad, they’re now doing a great job with Paper at Dropbox. Erwin Blom
@erwblo great news! Any plans to revive the iOS app too?
@dynamicstutor Of course that what we want! So hopefully yes, but step by step! This is step 1 ;-) ! Are you an active Hackpad user? Or were you?
@dynamicstutor Right now we don't have iOS developers in our team, but the source code is available:
@erwblo I was active user on hackpad and slowed down after acquisition by Dropbox. It is good that you guys are extending its life.
@dynamicstutor Great to here! We're going to do our best!
For the techies amongst us, here are the links to all open source repos that were used to create stekpad: - - - - - And a ready to run Docker image: Happy hacking! :)