Easily install open source software to get things done!

We make installing, hosting and updating open source tools for publication, communication and collaboration easy for everyone. No tech knowledge needed. Easy, safe, secure. Tools like Ghost, Hackpad, Discourse, Mattermost and more.

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Hi all, Bram thanx for hunting us. My name is Erwin Blom, one of the co-founders of Let me tell you a little bit about I love good software and am a fan of open source tools, but I’m not a technical person. So installing, hosting and updating of open source software is a hurdle for me. With we want to make it as easy as a the click of a mouse. For people like myself and for others that want to win time and want publication, communication and collaboration without a hassle, we built We have decided to start with the tools Ghost (blog), Discourse (forum) and Hackpad (wiki) because we know from our own experience that they make our lives more fun, better and easier. The amount of tools we offer will grow over time. Me and my technical co-founders are here to anwer your questions and hear what you think. Thanks in advance! And of course you get a discount as a Product Hunt user when you start using us!
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@erwblo great idea, but as someone who can follow install guides and install and setup self-hosted open source software I will not be using this myself. I am biased but I feel like the market is limited in the 'make easy otherwise free self-hosted open-source software and charge a recurring monthly fee for it' space.
@jamescampbell Thanks and we'll see of course but Wordpress for example works fine with this model 😄 We want to add value by combining the tools, integrating them smoothly etcetera. But you might be right, we hope to prove we are :-)
@erwblo good point about Wordpress, def hope you prove me wrong ;)
@jamescampbell We're going to try, that's all we can do! ;-)
Congrats on the launch guys! This is a really nice idea. Gonna give it a try.
@moinism please do and let us know how and where we can improve!
Hello, Hackpad is shutting down next month, on July 19. What's your plan after its closing?
@johan_le_bray hackpad has open sourced its code, we picked it up to improve it and will keep on hosting it. For now at
@erwblo any plan to open source your deployment setup?
@_pascalandy it is something we are definitely looking into. But we need all our manpower for now to get going.
@erwblo feel ya. Cheers!
Yes the intercom chat. It is just disruptive to the flow of the page. I liken it to walking into a Dept store and you are looking at shirts and that one clerk appears out of nowhere and scares the crap out of you. 😁
@kclewis0614 I completely agree, don't like it myself either. I'll discuss with the team, thanks!