Stefan's Head

Limited run fashion deals. Text Stefan at 646-759-0904.

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Another Invisible App, similar to Magic or Cloe. I'm working on an article on this trend.
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@rrhoover Interesting to see if/how Operator bucks this trend in some ways
@rrhoover At Sonar, we love this trend. Companies are starting to realize that customer service, sales, transactions...everything can be done over any channel the customer prefers. That's why we built our product.
@rrhoover Actually, it's quite different. This is point-of-purchase tied with discovery, not a request model. They text you when a new thing is available, and you can buy it then.
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@rrhoover @mg Exactly. I wouldn't call it invisible @rrhoover. A bunch of things mixed here - knowing you, conversation, unusual products, push. Conversation / personality is the key imo.
@rrhoover @mg another platform that could be similair is
Really great team behind this.
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wow, if you haven't texted Stefan yet, take a second and give it a try - very fun and cool experience: 646-759-0904. Several really interesting things combined here: immediacy of texting, the intimacy of a conversational commerce experience and the scarcity of unique apparel items. nice work!
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Got their first offering on Monday - pretty cool experiment/co. Excited to see where it could go
@ryandawidjan Get ready for the next drop next week. We have a feeling you'll like it even more.
@gosatty wow. nice :)
Awesome! Congrats, Stefan!