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Steer is a better alternative to buying, leasing or renting your car. Drive all the latest tech-forward electric and hybrid cars including Teslas, Porsches, and more, plus VIP perks- home delivery, insurance and maintenance included, all for one monthly price.
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Hello Product Hunters! Everything in your life is now tailored to you, on-demand and available through an app, so why shouldn't your car be too? As the Co-Founder of Steer, we want to revolutionize the driving experience and also make an impact on the environment that will last for generations to come. That's why Steer is the first car subscription service that makes it convenient, fun, and totally risk-free to drive awesome electric and hybrid vehicles. How does it work? All you need to do is use the Steer app to have your first Steer vehicle delivered right to your home or office. Each plan includes insurance, maintenance, repairs and also offers a variety of all-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars that you can drive whenever you want. Commuting? Drive a Tesla Model S. Road trip? Swap into a BWM X5. Anniversary? Take the Porsche Panamera for a great night out. Steer offers freedom, flexibility and all the fun parts of driving without the headaches of ownership. All while lowering your personal carbon footprint, which helps everyone in the long-run.
@sonya_ulen This is exactly the product I have been looking for. Please let us know when it's available in more states and countries (like Ontario, Canada) ;)
@yourboybigal You got it! Plus I would think Ontario as a city with strong sustainability initiatives would like the jump-start of more EVs on the road!
Interesting concept! It sucks that it’s only available in DC. The pricing was a bit scary at the beginning but it came close to a lease price when I factored in insurance, maintenance, mileage and all the extra fees. You got me on the “ability to swap into a new car model each week” It’s a pretty sweet feature that car nerds will be all over. Not sure how you are making the math work at your end but I will take it!
@mbermawy Tell us where you would like to see Steer next!
I was a little stunned when I went to the Tesla website and configured a lease for Model X and it was just under $1,500 per month for 36 months and $8k down payment. If you consider that insurance and maintenance are included, in addition to a monthly term, this is an incredible value product vs what exists in the market today. Well done!
@kyle_h There are also no mileage limits on a Steer subscription, which is a major bonus. Plus will all the advancements in batteries and so many new vehicle makes/models coming to market in the next 3-5 years, why would you lock yourself into "old tech"?
Congrats on the launch! I like the good things it does for the environment!
@madivenzon Our mission is to help make our communities cleaner, one car at a time. We're excited that the vast majority of our members have never driven electric before, Steer makes it risk-free to try!
Interesting concept! If the monthly price is just a bit higher than the cost of lease + all expenses, people might be interested for the convenience aspect.
@pierreroberge A lot of people value the convenience factor and one-stop-shop element as much as the cars or the economics. No more dealers, no more service appointments, no more insurance claims adjusters or beat-up rental cars. Plus no more tailpipe emissions! Eventually we would like to offer only electric options, once the variety of cars are available. For now, a hybrid is a good first step in the right direction, especially for people living in condos or apartments.