Life-sized (60 feet) sperm whale on the Steem blockchain 🐳

The whale sprays at random intervals, but through you can donate some Steem (virtual currency from the Steem blockchain) and get an instant spray as a reward.

It is fascinating to donate crypto and only seconds later see a 350 liter water burst shoot up to 8 meters in the sky, all visible on the livestream (20 seconds delay!).

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Hey PH 👋 My name is roelandp, maker of the SteemWhale. I've been working as a dev for a long time and yes.... Side projects are fun! I'm excited to officially announce the sideproject I've been working on for a while now! So when the other day my father in law asked me if I could code the natural randomness interface of a whalefountain to be deployed in the harbour of Harlingen, a city in the North of the Netherlands, I was instantly very enthusiastic! The nice thing about this "product" is that it connects the digital life with the real world life. That, and then a blockchain on top! So many buzzwords. Also I thought it would be funny to hookup "a Whale" to a "blockchain", as many of you know a "whale" in cryptoterms is a bagholder / rich coin person. The SteemWhale runs on the Steem blockchain... This blockchain has very fast block production (3 seconds) so when you donate some crypto (preferably Steem) you will see near instant fountain spray burst! The livestream has about 20 seconds of delay though... so keep that in mind. The whale is planned to be at least for 10 years swimming in the harbour :) It is operational every day (unless spring / storm tide) in daytime in Central European Timezone. I've also included a little demonstration video! The website has an FAQ on the bottom with many answers, but if you have any q's I'm here! Make it rain!
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People wonder what could be done with the blockchain technology and the monetary system build in it. This is a good example.


Example of application for real life on the blockchain of STEEM



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I don't understand it, I never will but my god I love it so much. Congrats on shipping!
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@aaronoleary thx aaron :) not everything in life should be understood :P
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@roelandp Exactly! It makes life all that more interesting! :D
Just Awesome... find a way to activate a mechanism based on the Steem Blockchain is a game changer! Congrats!!!