Social publishing platform where upvotes earn cryptocurrency

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Since cryptocurrency is so hot right now, I thought it was about time that Steemit was properly introduced to ProductHunt. Steemit is basically what would happen if Reddit, Medium and Bitcoin all had a baby together. I'm an avid Redditor, and when my friend told me about a platform that was like Reddit, but where I could earn crypto currency for posting, I was curious. Definitely sceptical, but once I checked it out I was really impressed with what I found. Without delving too deep into the blockchain/crypto tech behind it, the basic idea is this: When your posts or comments get upvotes, you earn "Steem". The more Steem a voter has, the more Steem you earn when you get their vote. Oh, and if you vote for something that goes on to earn a lot of Steem, you earn more Steem. With a bunch of millionaires on the platform already, people are not only making serious bank, but it's been seeing some serious growth over the last few weeks, as per this graph lovingly borrowed from this post on Steem I still feel that too much of the content on Steem is about Steem, but I really like the site model, and as the platform continues to grow the conversation is going to move more towards general topics. And what really blows me away is that Steemit is just the first app to be based on the Steem blockchain. Apparently there's already an Instagram clone and a Youtube clone in the works. Anyway, definitely worth checking out - now is certainly a good time to establish a presence on the fast-growing network. If you end up joining, make sure you follow RossDCurrie. Would be curious to hear what the ProductHunters think :D
@rossdcurrie This looks rad! Thanks for sharing Ross. I look forward to seeing how this site model can be expanded to other niches...