Steel Speaker

Wireless omnidirectional speaker by Joey Roth

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Joey Roth (of Ceramic Speaker fame) is back with another gorgeous speaker utilizing a curious material choice: steel and graphite.
@chrismessina thanks for posting this. I am here to answer any questions about the Steel Speaker and talk more about the inspiration, design process and manufacturing
@joeyroth very interesting, wish I could hear it. Definitely a fan of the design. Are there properties of maple that made you choose that particular wood?
@jmacias @chrismessina thanks Jaime. I chose maple for its beauty, since the diameter of the ball and its distance from the driver are the properties that control the sound. The maple is also good because it does not block the Bluetooth signal, and the antenna is located inside the ball since the rest of the enclosure is a Faraday cage. The ball could be any material that has a smooth, rigid surface and allows RF transmission- ceramic, stone, polymer, etc.
interesting design for sure
@_jacksmith thanks! The shape and materials allow the relatively small driver to extend down in frequency evenly, wirhout using DSP or filtering.