Steamm Bottled Espresso

First-ever bottled espresso, get your caffeine on.

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Samuel Petit
Samuel Petit@marketingpro_fr · Head of Marketing at Xilopix
Good idea and brilliant execution. That being said, I think the tagline "First-ever bottled espresso" could be better. First of all when I was in Japan, I drank quite a few bottled espresso... sold for cheap (around $1) in vending machines. So your product isn't the "first-ever bottled espresso". Then, I believe this tagline doesn't really match your high price point and doesn't highlight the sheer awesomeness of your product (organic, no preservative, neat packaging, etc.) Well... that's just my own two cents though :) Cheers, Samuel
Dom Goldsworthy
Dom Goldsworthy@domgoldsworthy · Founder, Cloakr
@marketingpro_fr Agree strongly with the tag line, it cheapens the appeal of the product for me. I live in Melbourne (the newly appointed coffee capital of the World), you can find these at just about every roaster/cafe. Overall Execution is good!
Jonathan Levi
Jonathan Levi@entreprenewer · Founder, SuperHuman Enterprises
@marketingpro_fr Nobody at Steamm is able to reply to the thread, so I'll jump in. As I understand it, nobody prior to Steamm was able to properly produce real espresso, which has to be steam-pulled, in bottle form. Most companies use the term "espresso" to indicate a size or a strength of coffee, but this simply is false advertising (look in the back of any proper coffee shop if you don't believe me). As the CEO explained to us, he was able to revive the original Italian method from the late 1800s, and develop a patent-pending process for producing the shots at scale in a way that is stable enough to package, ship, and consume at a later time. I'm afraid that's about all I know (I advise on operations, branding, and ecommerce, not product), but this revelation was such a big deal that the entire company was named Steamm as a product differentiator.
Jonathan Levi
Jonathan Levi@entreprenewer · Founder, SuperHuman Enterprises
@domgoldsworthy After reading my reply above, if you still feel there's a real deal bottled espresso out there, I would certainly like to know about it, as it would warrant a stern discussion and possibly a slogan change.
Tomas Mazetti
Tomas Mazetti@tomasmazetti · A regular guy.
Nice. We should talk!
Willie Morris
Willie MorrisHunter@morewillie · Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
Steamm sent my company a sample awhile back and it was delicious. I crushed through a whole box, so figured I'd share the love on PH, but I'm not associated with Steamm :) Reached out to them so they could get involved in the thread though.
Jonathan Levi
Jonathan Levi@entreprenewer · Founder, SuperHuman Enterprises
By the way, it's important to note that every single shot sold provides a polio vaccination for a child in need. An incredible company with an incredible ethos. Way to go Steamm! (Full disclosure, I'm an investor!)
Jon Auerbach
Jon Auerbach@jaauerbach
What is the shelf-life of Steamm? Does it need to be refrigerated?
Jonathan Levi
Jonathan Levi@entreprenewer · Founder, SuperHuman Enterprises
@jaauerbach should be refrigerated, as its best served chilled, but doesn't need to be. Shelf life is about a month, as its completely free from preservatives. For this reason, they offer convenient subscription plans.