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Play desktop games on your iPhone or iPad

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The Steam Link app brings desktop gaming to your iPhone or iPad. Just pair an MFI or Steam controller to your device, connect to a computer running Steam on the same local network, and start playing your existing Steam games
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Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'LearyHunter@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
Honestly never thought I would see the day, a year after being rejected Steam Link is finally on the app store
Ryan Alx Ibh
Ryan Alx Ibh@ryan_alx_ibh
I thought I would be able to connect to my steam library to be able to play from anywhere, like the game streaming service announced by Google. Actually, it requires you to have your steam already running on a computer and you need to be connected on that same network to be able to stream the game.
ElFitz@elfitz_ · Rocking the 🌍, one step at a time
@ryan_alx_ibh There must be a way to get it to work using a vpn But I definitely hope Valve will get into game streaming
Stephen Silber
Stephen Silber@stephensilber · Lead iOS @ Say
@ryan_alx_ibh I was just able to connect to my computer at home from my office without any issues. Maybe you have some port forwarding issues on your home network?
Ryan Alx Ibh
Ryan Alx Ibh@ryan_alx_ibh
@stephensilber I misunderstood the concept because of the tagline, I was expecting that Steam would be doing the computing, not that it was just a link between your smartphone and PC. My computer was off when I tried so I didn't even try it like it's meant to.
Finally, I've been waiting for this since I was a teenager! I can't believe these guys actually did it. It looks and feel amazing AND my productivity dropped by at least 50%!